Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Is Gary Sanchéz Ready For Fame?

After his record-breaking streak of 20 home runs in 201 at-bats in 2016, Gary Sanchéz is touted as the New York Yankees’ top hitter for the season. His .299 average is considered a threat to his opponents, and his entire team has placed their bets on him. The whole organization has high expectations for his upcoming games, placing a lot of pressure on his shoulders.

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Unlike other players, Sanchéz actually prefers serenity over a celebrity status, even if it seems impossible now that he’s with the Yankees. The 24-year-old is expected to have skyrocketing fame, thanks to his incredible skills. While the Dominican native is bound to be a household name in the next few months, he believes he still has a lot to learn—particularly the English language. He still relies on a translator during press interviews and has been attending English classes since being drafted eight years ago. Yankees fans believe his time is coming, but Sanchéz remains grounded, despite his hard-earned status in the game.

Is Sanchéz ready for fame? It seems he’s aware of how the game would change his entire life, but even if he gets too famous, it doesn’t look like he’ll transform into an attention monster. Fans believe he’ll just focus on his skills to make his team one of the greatest in the game.

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