Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Captured: How to be a Good Photographer
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It’s so easy to be a photographer in this highly digitized world we live in. But to be frank, it’s difficult to be a good one. The competition in the industry is so high that it’s not enough to have just passion. As a photographer, you also need to have an eye for what would sell without compromising your creativity. There are days when I would travel and not really enjoy the places or the pieces that I’m shooting. It’s like being a zombie with a camera. In-demand photographers sometimes operate without sleep and pitchers of caffeine. Does that sound grim? I’m just being realistic.

Realities aside, let’s go back to the ideal. I’ve asked my friends about what makes a good photographer and they said that above all technical skills, he or she must have a keen eye for detail and perspective. Whatever the gadget, a keen photographer will always make a shot work-- even when the subjects are not as cooperative. Another quality they pointed out is pleasantness. We know that some of us are brooding artists, the type who wouldn’t be the first to approach an interesting character at a party, but sometimes we just need to swallow our shyness in order to make others feel comfortable around us. When taking photographs of people, it’s always good to let them feel that the camera loves them. When they feel good about themselves, they loosen up and let their true colors show. That makes for really great shots especially when you’re trying to show a certain country’s unique culture.

Professionalism is also an invaluable trait. The greatest photographers I know are always on top of their game. They have a grasp of the new trends in the field but have their own style. They’re nice to the other people working on set or on the field with them. They know how to set up and take down their own gear. What else? Even if they’re really irritable or tired, they still make it seem as if they’ve got it together.

So...where can I find this guy? This guy’s impossible. Kidding aside, these are the qualities photographers like me are trying to develop. Even if I’m retired, I try my best to keep up with my craft. For me, retirement just means that I am no longer bound to my schedules and clients. This means I have more time to take shots of the scenes that I love.
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Welcome! Judd Bergman here, a retired travel photographer. I have already travelled to a lot of different places around the planet. Throughout my stint in this industry, I realized how vast the world is and how small human beings are. All these musings aside, I am a huge follower of the MLB. As a New Yorker, the NY Yankees are my absolute favorites. Follow me on Twitter for more photos and baseball.

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